25 Scenes Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

The fantastic beast series is over and the cursed child show closes on Broadway always but what did you think of these behind the scenes stories.


scene 1 :

Helena Bonham Carter tends to lose herself in her roles in the part of Bellatrix Lestrange is no exception but even though she’s one of Voldemort’s top servants she’s often seen embracing her fellow actors and set photos even if they fight in Dumbledore’s Army case in point when Hermione drinks the Polyjuice potion to disguise herself as Bellatrix and break into her vault helena worked closely with emma watson they texted regularly and got to know each other better than before in order for Helena to fully portray all of Hermione’s physical traits a movie as.


scene 2:

High-profile as the 7th or 8th Harry Potter flick has a lot of sway when booking spaces for filming imagine if all of New York’s Times Square was shut down for a movie well that’s basically what happened in London for the scenes that took place in Piccadilly Circus whereas many films would often use green screen to insert characters into very public areas on the cheap director David Yates had Radcliffe Watson and Grint running through the actual location after they escaped from bill and fleurs crashed wedding luckily for Radcliffe.



scene 3:

The scene in which harry dives into a frozen pond to retrieve the Sword of Gryffindor was not filmed in an actual location still creating a realistic look was difficult the surface of the water was covered in plexiglass to achieve an icy look and while Radcliffe was filmed underwater the sheets of ice above him were actually a layer of wax to give the surface that glassy look underwater filming always has its risks because the safety of the actors is the number one priority and this was no exception in..

scene 4:

Order to give Lunas house a more lived-in feel the art hanging around her family home was actually based on images created by Luna actress Evanna Lynch herself by extension Xenophilius Lovegood x’ costume was meant to look as if Luna had patched it up and mended it herself and since much of the art design sera the love goods was meant to mirror Ivana’s real-life tastes the father’s costume has a touch of Ivana in it as well..

previous installment

previous installment

scene 5:

The digital schematic of Hogwarts was expanded upon more than ever before by the time we reached Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 & 2 obviously each movie built upon our previous knowledge of the castle man added new hallways hidden passageways and exterior details in the previous installment to make sure no nook or cranny of the extensive castle was left to the imagination the creative team constructed a fully digital model this way the Battle of Hogwarts would provide new views of places we’d seen before and introduced entirely fresh locations I’ve loved..




scene 6:

Every minute the actors playing Hogwarts students had grown up with their characters so when each actors last day of filming was completed they were each given a moment of applause it’s fitting that Radcliffe Trent and Watson’s last day was filmed together although it only involved them jumping on a blue screen mat they were still able to close out filming with each other to commemorate that moment Grint brought an ice cream truck and without ice cream to the crew Watson brought her cast mates leather diaries and Radcliffe gave his two cast mates personalised photos well nobody..

scene 7:

Gets to live in the actual Wizarding World many of the actors were able to take certain keepsakes with them that said this could only happen once the filming was done since turning principal photography all of the actors were regularly searched to ensure that they weren’t leaving with any of the props fittingly Daniel Radcliffe took home the initial set and final set of Harry spectacles meanwhile Emma Watson got to keep Hermione’s cloak wand and time term for his part Alan Rickman got to hold on to his wand although many of the special..

scene 8:

Effects shots required a lot of stopping and starting the kissing scenes could seem just as painstaking in fact during an intimate scene between Harry and Hermione in part one Rupert Grint was reportedly kicked off set because he couldn’t keep it together although Emma Watson may have been more professional during this scene she’s gone on the record saying that kissing her co-stars was an awkward situation since it felt like she was kissing her brother apparently they rushed through the first take just to get it all over…




scene 9:

With Wow 7 is considered a magic number in our universe and even more magical in the Potter burrs yet the scene with the Seven Harry’s was perhaps the least magical and most calculated of all during filming taking place over the course of fulled days they were reportedly 90 takes completed just to nail a single shot Radcliffe had to wear the other characters costumes and match their mannerisms much like Helena Bonham Carter when she mimicked Watson of all the characters he played playing him he said his favorite was playing Ron because of Rupert’s particular block..

scene 10:

With all the action scenes special effects and physical requirements for the character it’s no surprise that Daniel Radcliffe went through a lot of Wands when playing the titular role in the series but did you know that he actually ended up using 80 different wands through the course of the films this may sound like a lot of magic sticks to burn through but when you think about it that averages out to about 10 once per movie that’s still many more trips to Diagon Alley than normally what happens in the Wizards….

scene 11:

Lifetime to create the magical world at the production team relied less on computer-generated effects then you may have thought practical effects were a backbone to realizing this franchise on the big screen and even shorter scenes required obsessive attention to detail take the Gringotts heist scene for instance there were eight months of preparation needed to make the masks for all of the goblins this sounds insane but when you consider that the makeup crew consisted of around 150 members from 15 countries it sounds a little bit..



scene 12:

Less daunting while we’re on the subject of prosthetics Rupert Grint and Emma Watson had a bum cast as they confirmed in an interview following the release of the Deathly Hallows casts were made of their bottoms and then placed on their broomsticks so that they could sit more comfortably during long shooting days the interviewer thought these casts would be worth of fortune but the actors..

scene 13:

Were a bit more humble coming mom seen at the beginning of part one in which
Hermione cast the obliviate spell on her parents was not in the book director David Yates stated that they wanted to introduce Hermione’s parents at some point in the series and this was their chance the fact that they were able to show it visually by having Hermione’s image be magically removed from the family photos around the house helped make the scene much more impactful hello…

scene 14:

In addition to Hermione’s parents a sequence was added toward the end of
Harry Potter in the Deathly Hallows Part 1 to make the snatchers scene more
dangerous soon after the film’s release David Yates stated I wanted to have some more fun with them so we added an extra beat where they chased the trio obviously the costume design team had fun with them too as they all looked like they stepped out of an evil hipster thrift store stilt that added some much-needed action to the climax of the slower first Hallows film Radcliffe..

scene 15:

Didn’t know he was gonna film a nude scene in part one until he read the
thinking beforehand that he would have at least have underwear on fortunately for him he’d appeared nude before on Broadway in the show Equus that seemed to train him for any jitters that might be associated with baring it all in front of a film crew david yates indicated there will be a couple of scenes in the new film in which she will undress which likely drummed up some press before the film’s release several…



scene 16:

Injuries were sustained on the set for
both parts 1 & 2
these accidents involved not only Daniel Radcliffe stunt double but also Radcliffe himself David Holmes whose prior gymnast experience definitely helped him sell the magic of these moves was thrown from his harness by an onset explosion in January 2009 later Harry Potter got a black eye because the fake snake decided to bite back before the special effects were added Nagini was just a boxing glove on a stick and one day surprisingly decided to punch him it…

scene 17:

May be Harry Potter’s story but JK Rowling kept all the characters busy that said a jason isaacs who plays lucius malfoy wasn’t sure his character would have much to do after the order of the Phoenix he actually contemplated leaving the franchise but was convinced to stay when he learned of the events of the finale on the other hand Rhys Ifans who played Lunas father hadn’t read the books in admitted he wasn’t much of a fan yet he jumped at the chance to appear in the same movie as Michael Gambon and Maggie Smith’s..

scene 18:

This series is a family story on screen and off brendan Gleason’s character mad-eye moody appeared in Goblet of Fire order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows Part 1 he happened to share the screen with his son domhnall gleeson well Dom not was more likely cast for his redheaded look and acting talents over his family connection especially since he resembles the other Weasley’s in the franchise it’s nice to find a personal story in a big-budget
blockbuster apparently emma watson had..

scene 19:

An impact on the set design when the time came to film the sequence and Hermione’s house she noticed that there didn’t seem to be enough books in her room to match her incredible intellect so the crew obliged and packed her room with enough volumes to live up to her bookish reputation Warwick Davis got his..



scene 20:

Started playing the main Awadh character wicked w Warwick in Return of the Jedi and since then he solidified his place in the industry as a fantastic actor he also created the willow agency based on his character in the movie of the same name not only did he play the roles of Professor Flitwick and Griphook the
Goblin in the films
his agency also stepped in to cast the best actors in the rest of the Goblin..

scene 21:

Roles to make these Dobby and creature a reality the cast and crew had to run
through their scenes multiple times first the actors performed with other actors standing in for the house elves to lock down the blocking and shot placement then they ran through the scene again with body doubles and finally the doubles were replaced by computer-generated animation it’s a multi-step process and one of the reasons it takes many months or even
years between the completion of principal photography and the release of the big-budget motion picture there’s no..

scene 22:

Doubt Ollivanders made bank with Deathly Hallows parts 1 in 2 according to numbers from the props Department over 500 magic sticks were made over the course of the last two installments a big percentage obviously went to Harry’s many different wands but countless others needed to be manufactured based on the personalities of the various characters throughout the story some..

scene 23:

Close to the production had been pushing for the epilogue to be filmed with new actors who were age-appropriate for the nearly two decades time junk that occurs at the end of part 2 director David Yates pushed for the original cast to appear in this scene as its payoff of all the time we’ve spent with the actors up to this point although some find the old age makeup and special effects to be a bit corny we have to disagree it would have been weirder dealing with a different set of faces ray Fiennes gave….

scene 24:

Voldemort the perfect mix of showmanship and poise to match his arrogance brave speech to the survivors toward the end of the film was improvised each take often he would change details of the speech with each new shot to keep Voldemort unpredictable and in keeping with the in the moment field the shooting of the encounter between Neville and Voldemort was the first time either actor met each other one of the…

scene 25:

Many big reveals in the depth Lee Hallows is the fact that Snape had always been in love with Lily Potter even to his dying day Alan Rickman knew this fact since filming the first movie
and whenever anyone would ask him about this bit of backstory he would vehemently deny it eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that states first lined to Harry in the series asking him about asphodel and wormwood in potions class is a reference
to the absence Lilley proving that JK Rowling had been planning the lily and state connection since the very beginning man and that’s.


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