Galaxy S 20 ultra

Galaxy s 20 all shows front-facing camera that make it kind of best on any device first of all it shoots in 4k.

galaxy S 20 ultra proves that so this phone has a lot of features almost too many features and while that sounds like a complaint. it’s really not for all the creators power users and people who demand the cutting-edge features on their device the ultra satisfies this phone pushes everything to the absolute limits you get a
6 point 9 inch display

120 Hertz snapdragon
865 processor
12 or 16 gigabytes
Ram up to 512 gigabytes
Storage with micro SD card support
Five thousand milliamp hour battery
one hundred eight megapixel camera and up to a hundred times zoom
The design is gorgeous Samsung leads and hardware these days and the phone not only feels great to hold it feels great to use.


it’s not too thick not too heavy and God are those really drastically curved glass display edges that made previous Samsung phones kind of a pain to use and the subtle curve here in the front is just enough ergonomically the phone has softer corners and despite being a really big phone. Still used it pretty comfortably because the display is narrow it’s easy to hold but the bigger problem here is bringing the phone with you. it just peeks out of most of my pant pockets and it’s always sliding out we haven’t dropped it because we are usually pretty careful but it’s in a perpetual state of always sliding out of my pants the s20 ultra also with the design there’s no headphone jack but you do have a micro SD card slot water resistance and an in display fingerprint scanner there’s kind of the same as last year but if I had to be much more reliable.

Its no longer have any complaints with the in display fingerprint scanner it’s pretty quick now speaking of the display it’s honestly the best it’s bright vibrant insanely good black levels in contrast and 120 Hertz makes a display feel alive to your touch for reference previous Samsung phones were 60 Hertz and most phones are 60 Hertz there are some 90 Hertz display phones but 120 Hertz Plus AMOLED is crazy now it is 120 Hertz at 1080p and not 1440p. but honestly I really don’t care once you lay eyes on this phone display you’re going to be instantly in love.

it is just amazing everything is so smooth and it makes the phone feel even faster than it actually is and combined with those specifications. I mentioned it feels unstoppable no apps reloading and multitasking gaming is incredible day-to-day usage is absurdly good and using the phone expect a guaranteed day of usage in 120 Hertz. use this phone and pretty high brightness 120 Hertz mode full day from 7 a.m. to around 11 o’clock at night.

This phone is a guaranteed Dayna half or 2-day phone easily and of course when it’s time for charging you have fast charging fast wireless charging wireless charging and reverse wireless charging for charging of other devices or truly wireless ear buds with wireless charging enabled it’s all here so you’re covered great battery life and great fast charging options that’s the dream and this phone delivers.

The cameras possibly Samsung’s biggest focus on this device you have a 40 megapixel selfie camera that takes such great selfies that you see every detail it is ridiculous there are two really great things about the galaxy s 20 all shows front-facing camera that make it kind of best on any device first of all it shoots in 4k and second it actually has autofocus you can get really close to things and the camera will actually focus on them on the back that bump house is a hundred eight megapixel main camera 12 megapixel wide camera 48 megapixel telephoto camera with a hundred times zoom and a depth vision depth sensing camera so photos with that main camera are excellent now I’ve been mostly taking photos with the 12 megapixel mode not the hundred eight megapixel mode as it gives me access to the other camera modes like wide-angle and telephoto a lot easier 108 megapixel shots are mostly great unless you actually zoom in quite a bit in post to see detail it is unreal

Galaxy S 20 ultra image

Galaxy S 20 ultra image

but autofocus has been a little bit unreliable leading to some slightly blurred shots and it takes a lot longer to actually capture these photos and regular shots in the 12 megapixel mode also as it is a larger sensor there’s this much more natural depth of field that occurs and it is pretty awesome that being said though a lot of stuff in close-up shots is completely blurred as it captures what’s in the center of the frame with the absolute most clarity while everything else is kind of just out of focus and maybe a look you want but for some things it might be a little bit too much now the hundred eight megapixel mode is not for your everyday day-to-day shots stick with the 12 megapixel mode for most of your things.


you can also use the wide and telephoto cameras in the night mode which is pretty sweet so of course the phone also has that now-famous a hundred times zoom Samsung even printed it on the back of the phone’s camera. we don’t often need so much zoom on a phone or really any camera having that ability eliminates any doubt if you should zoom in a subject because if you do zoomed in shots will likely still look pretty good at five times or even ten times. the phone also shoots 8k video but it’s not perfect it shoots at 24 frames per second has a cropped field of view with weaker autofocus.

Now finally it’s the best-looking softer experience ever it is Android and it is fully customizable and there are some excellent features here you got split screen and floating window multitasking which is quite advanced and you’ll think. I truly believe the S 20 or s 20 plus are better options you get almost all of the main highlight features on the cheaper s 20 and s 20 plus the ultra does give you better battery life a near seven-inch display crazy amounts of extra RAM up to a hundred times telephoto zoom one hundred eight megapixel camera but that’s it those sound like huge phone features on paper but when you consider if you actually need or will use those things daily they don’t feel necessary but if you want to have everything in your phone and more the Ultra is still pretty amazing

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