How to verify payza Without Utility Bill and Bank Statement

Verify payza Without Utility Bill and Bank Statement


Payza is one of the most renowned and secured online payment processors. It offers wide range of valuable services to both individuals and businesses. Countless businesses and website are using Payza as one of their major payment processors. To get maximum benefits from your Payza account you have to verify it. If you don’t have Payza account Click Here to signup for a free account.

Once you have signed-up, now follow these steps to get your Payza account verified: –

1) Recheck all the information, such as, name, address and contact number that you used while signing-up is correct. If its not then edit the information and update your Payza profile.

2) Now scroll-down’s home-page and click on “Contact Us”.

3) You’ll be directed to support-page, now click on “Submit a ticket to our support team”.

4) Now you’ll see submit ticket page, click on “My Account Support”.

5) Now check on “Account Verification Inquiries” and click “Next”.

6) Now fill out full name and email address fields with the name and email address, which you used while signing-up at Payza.

7) In “Subject” and “Message” fields add something like this: –


Verify payza



Regarding Account Verification


Dear Support Staff,I do not have any Utility  bill or any bank or card statment on my name i only Nation ID card on my name. I really want to verify my payza account so i am sending you scan copy of my ID card please review it and verify my account.After attaching/uploading scanned copy of National ID card , just submit your ticket to support team.

Please note:Address and name on your payza account and name and address on your NIC card must same.

Once you send them ticket payza will reply you with if you have bill or bank statement on your name send us If your last name and your father name is same we will verify your payza account.

Your reply : Sorry i don’t have any utility bill or bank statement on my fathers name tell me what can i do how can i verify my payza account.

Once you send this reply to payza. Payza will reply you and ask you to send scan copy of your Domicile once you received this reply from payza send them scanned copy of your Domicile and payza will verify your account

Please note : Address on Your NIC card and Domicile must be same.

If u want more information and have any question please comment here.



And that is it. You don’t need a credit card to verify your Payza account and all you need is to contact Payza support and send them Copy of your National Identity card and a copy of a normal Utility bill like telephone etc and that is it. There is no easy way to verify your Payza account in Pakistan. Either this or deposit $50 for verification.

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