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publisher Monetization Contextual ads

Context matters.
Now more than ever before

Because when advertising and context come together, they can reveal intention and make for that perfect marketing
Best ad networks for publishers, we wanted to quickly mention a few more ad providers that didn’t quite make the cut. These networks are still worth testing in 2020 because of the value that they brought to our publishers in previous years. Sign up

Top publisher 2020

Top publisher 2020

1: Get high engagement, without cookies.
2: Dynamic Optimization
3: Innovative Ad Units
4: Greater Control

Get high engagement, without cookies.

Our ad units are driven by the context of your content and not the data of your audience. With user privacy becoming more important to the advertising ecosystem, reduce your dependence on audience data and grow your revenue sustainably with contextual ads.

Dynamic Optimization

Effortless and efficient.

We improve your yield by introducing competition between different formats of ads. Our system automatically optimizes and serves the ad type that’s likely to perform the best with your audience.

Implementation as easy as 1-2-3.

Our ad units can be implemented on your site with just a short snippet of ad code. It can’t get easier than this. You can also seamlessly activate multiple formats – contextual ads, outstream video ads, in-read native ads and standard IAB units, without any additional code or integration work.

Innovative Ad Units

Display sizeless ads and native designs.
With us, you have the option to create ads with completely custom sizes and designs because every site is unique. Obviously, we have all the standard IAB units too if that’s your jam.
Leave it on autopilot.
Not enough time to create your own ad units and constantly monitor performance? Well, you can simply leave your ad tags on auto-pilot and our ad specialists will take charge of your ad unit customizations and performance tweaks.

Better 2020 Monetization

Better 2020 Monetization

Greater Control

No one knows your audience better than you.
Better 2020 Monetization
Although our algorithms are constantly working to maximize your yield, we give you additional controls to significantly enhance the optimization process, and prevent unwanted advertisers from showing up on your site.
Track your performance in real-time.
You can monitor your ad performance and implement optimizations with an intuitive control panel. The reporting interface allows you to monitor your ad impressions on a near real-time basis and view earnings with drill-downs by sites, ad tags, device, geo and more.

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